Each project or product requires a very specific selection of specialists, even changing for any different project phase.
We team up top level experts to create most efficient skill pools.
Team creation and team cooperation coordinated by us generate outstanding performance in creative output, problem solution and time efficiency.
Team members are experts in their own rights, but also picked for their capacity for teamwork, creativity and flexibility.



project mapping, financial planing, growth strategies, funding strategies, controlling strategies

in all phases teams are connected to the financial advisers to keep the budget as small as necessary. from the first meeting to controlling services for a running project we are transparent and focused.


industry design, graphic design, web design, UX design, CI creation, branding

we work with well-established creative people from Europe, America and other regions. design is a fluid process and we are in touch with the zeitgeist and all new trends in the creative environment.


mechanical engineering,
electronic engineering,
civil engineering

we do the transition from a 3d file or prototype to a producible product, including tool production. We develop electronic products, design PCB's and even lead construction projects.

htcl. -  hengtime consult.