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Bringing people together

to create teams that excel in drive,
creativity and performance is our passion.
We love to solve problems - with resolve.
Any project has its own chemistry with individual challenges
in economic, technical, management or marketing areas.
Our network of specialists solves, creates, and
brings your ideas to light and shine.
Let's sort it out and make it a success.


Dr. Stefan Meyer

Idea2market processes are complex.
We focus on weaving the right fabric of expertise
to develop your idea to a successful product.
Most efficiently and fast.
Our strength is multi-centric teamworking
with focus on quickest problem solving,
without losing dynamic creativity
generating innovative and successful products in
shortest time-to- market.


If you would like to know our opinion about one of your ideas, projects,
or if you have any specific challenges, questions,
or just feel like reaching out, contact us now!
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